Investment Incentives:

• A land can be allocated for a foreign investment project by way of use or renewable rent
• The foreign investor has the right to import what is necessary for the establishment, operation or expansion of his investment project.
• The investor may be exempt from income tax.
• Non-Qatari investment projects are exempted from customs on necessary machinery and equipment.
• Non-Qatari investment project in the industrial field may be exempted from customs fees on imports of necessary equipment and machinery for production
• Based on the proposal of the Minister, the Council of Ministers may grant incentives and other privileges for investment projects.

General Privileges:

• Non-Qatari investment, direct or indirect, shall not be subject to expropriation or any equivalent act unless for public interest and in a non-discriminatory manner.
• Non-Qatari investors shall be entitled to conduct money transfers pertaining to their investments from and to Qatar without delay in any convertible currency.
• Non-Qatari investors are entitled to transfer the ownership of an investment to another non- Qatari investors or relinquish it in favor of a national investor in the case of a joint venture

Investment opportunities:

  • The Industrial Development department at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, in cooperation with Qatar Development Bank, periodically publishes the industrial investments report, to both Qataris and non-Qataris investors, and the international private sector. 
  • In cooperation with Qatar Development Bank, the National Tourism Council provides investment opportunities in the tourism sector not only to promote Qatar as a sustainable tourist attraction but also as an ideal place to invest and conduct business activities. 
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  • Qatar Rail offers investment opportunities for the Qatari private sector by involving in the construction of subways, metro stations and above ground metro stations as well as warehouses and facilities on the metro level and rail systems. 
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  • The Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy offers various opportunities for the private sector to learn about the outstanding commercial prospects offered by the striking development of the State of Qatar in the Sports’ field such as:
    • Establishment of event facilities
    • Event management
    • Facility management
    • Development of Sports’ Field

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