Business Activities - Rental of Vehicles and Equipment

Activity Fee in this Group: 500 Qatari Riyals
Note: If registered more than one activity of the same group, only one Fee have to be paid.
# Activity Code Activity Name Remarks  
1 4922001Bus rental with driver
2 7721111Leasing boats without drivers
3 7721200Leasing bikes
4 7730110Leasing engines and turbines
5 7730193Leasing industrial machines and tools
6 7729001Electric chair Rental
7 7730501Leasing agricultural machineries
8 4922002Buses rental without driver
9 4922400Car renting with driver
10 4922901Car rental without driver
11 4923091Renting trucks without driver
12 4923060Rental of trucks with driver
13 4390501renting construction equipment
14 7730192Leasing scaffolding tools and machines
15 7721112Leasing water boats without driver
16 7730212Leasing motorcycles
17 4922902Renting cars for people with special needs
18 7730002Renting equipment and tools
19 7721910Leasing diving tools
20 7730120Leasing engines-provided equipment

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