Business Activities - Services Activities and Commercial transactions clearance

Activity Fee in this Group: 1000 Qatari Riyals
Note: If registered more than one activity of the same group, only one Fee have to be paid.
# Activity Code Activity Name Remarks  
1 6512002inusrance products marketing
2 7729040renting of occasions supplies
3 8299001Business men administrative services
4 9000901Weddings and events processing
5 7729010Lease all types of weeding gowns and accessories
6 4520510Washing and greasing cars
7 4520511Washing and polishing cars in public and private parking lots
8 4520512Car washing
9 1811710Printing by using copier machines
10 5229091International importation carnet issuing office
11 4520520Cars polishing
12 7310902Marketing credit cards
13 9603101preparing of the decease for burying
14 7830001Manpower Bringing from Abroad in Favour of Others
15 7120201Services of issuing quality, standardizing and par metering certificates
16 1811720Printing by using computer
17 1811730copying with office tools
18 1629001hand made Boxes
19 4520513Car washing in public and private parks 
20 8219010Printing business and secretarial activities

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