Business Activities - Laboratories

Activity Fee in this Group: 1000 Qatari Riyals
Note: If registered more than one activity of the same group, only one Fee have to be paid.
# Activity Code Activity Name Remarks  
1 7120001Laboratory calibration weights and measures
2 7120003examine of metal kinds
3 7120015Measuring the percentage of the purity and politeness of the air
4 8690061Medical laboratories
5 8690004Laboratory medical complexes
6 8690014Dentistry laboratory
7 7120011Testing and operation of electromechanical equipment
8 7120013Soil testing laboratories
9 7120018Laboratory for testing soil and concrete and asphalt material
10 7120002Water analysis laboratory
11 7120007Inspection and testing of equipment and pipelines
12 7120009Checking erosion in the buildings
13 7120010Testing and operation of the equipment and electrical appliances
14 7120101Physical and laboratory analysis
15 7120200Offices for testing, quality assurance, quality and product
16 7120014Soil and asphalt material testing
17 7120016Laboratories of electricity measurements and safety and security equipment
18 7120017Laboratories of environment and radiation measurement
19 5229051Inspection services over goods and products consignments
20 7120902Agricultural investigations and researches laboratories

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