Business Activities - Trade in Marine Boats and Hunting tools

Activity Fee in this Group: 1000 Qatari Riyals
Note: If registered more than one activity of the same group, only one Fee have to be paid.
# Activity Code Activity Name Remarks  
1 4763122Trading in trips supplies and Tools
2 4763131Trading in ships and boats of all kinds
3 4763132Trading in yachts
4 4773922Trading in gunfire and SOS signals for ships
5 4763111Trading in fishing tools
6 4763133Trading in aquatic bicycles and their spare parts
7 4773165Trading in equipments spare parts and marine mechanisms
8 4773921Trading in guns and cartridges and accessories
9 5229001Trading in Marine Transportation Equipment
10 4773923Trading in explosives

How to Get to Us

1st floor-Ministry of Commerce and Industry-Lusail City.
Or the nearest branch of the ministry, which are listed here

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Foreign Investor: +974-40423344
Local Investor: 16001