Business Activities - Transportation

Activity Fee in this Group: 3000 Qatari Riyals
Note: If registered more than one activity of the same group, only one Fee have to be paid.
# Activity Code Activity Name Remarks  
1 3600041Mineral water distribution services
2 5012031Coastal shipping to oil tankers and gas
3 4911020Passenger rail lines between cities
4 4923001goods shipping and distributing services through land
5 4923003Broken cars transfer service
6 5320001Execution of postal services
7 4923071Transporting cars and vehicles
8 3812002Transporting dangerous chemical material
9 3830092Transferring consumables to customers
10 5011005Marine Shipping with contracts for goods
11 4923096Mobilizing of fuel and fuel products with carriage
12 3811091Waste transportation and disposal
13 3700091Sewage transfer service
14 3600091Water transfer
15 7912002Tourism transportation by car
16 4923095Deliverying passengers' luggage
17 4922903Internal maritime transportation of goods
18 4911091Other activities for passenger rail
19 4922501Commercial ambulance service
20 4923094Vegetables and fruits ransfer, delivery, disperse and delivery to customers'

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