Books and Sources

Books and Sources

Business growth stage and operations

The growth and sustainability of businesses is a priority for entrepreneurs and small businesses. However, entrepreneurs find difficulties when it comes to gaining new customers, introducing changes or recruiting qualified staff. Many business owners assume these responsibilities without guidance or support, which may sometimes result in failure or success.

Luckily, entrepreneurs can avoid making any step without prior planning by educating themselves to ensure that their projects grow and flourish as planned. To this end, entrepreneurs can access specialized books and resources that offer new insights and ideas on how to successfully run and grow a business.


Book: Grow Your Service Firm

Authored by Robert Griffin, this book is a highly practical guide to help anyone establish, run, market and grow their service business more effectively,

Grow Your Service Firm is written with twenty years’ experience of helping others make their businesses successful and reveals how to present the benefits of your business to improve your leads, sales and profits.

Book: Double Your Business

This book by Lee Duncan enables small business owners to release rapid, dynamic growth. Including action plans which help you to overcome the barriers that may be holding your business back, and littered with case studies throughout, this book acts as a blue print for success, teaching you the key principles of a successful high-performing business.

Book: Give and Take

This book shows how success is increasingly dependent on how we interact with others.  The book reveals through case studies, how one achieves his objectives or delivers. The book also highlights effective procedures that business owners should pursue to grow their businesses and succeed in the long term.

Other books to read:


Small Business Forum

This forum provides a platform for small business owners to ask different questions and seek advice. So, if you are facing any obstacles in your own project, you will definitely find the right solution.


One of the top five marketing blogs by writer, speaker and mentor Mark Scheffer.

This blog features topics related to marketing tools that entrepreneurs need to grow their business. A must read!

Razor Social

A must-read blog by Ian Cleary, an expert in marketing tools. The blog will help you choose the right marketing approach for your business from the thousands of methodologies available today. Ian also reveals through this blog which marketing approach is best for your project and why.

Jenn’s Trends

Jane Herman’s Blog is a great tool that helps you discover new trends on Instagram, offers good examples of feasibility studies for businesses using this social network, and provides the best advice on what to do and avoid when using this social media platform.

Forbes Magazine

Forbes magazine offers necessary advice and interesting stories that inspire entrepreneurs. Another distinctive feature of Forbes is its ability to provide SME owners with business insight by leading experts and businessmen.

If you’re looking for new technologies, ideas and tools that will leverage your business and set you apart from the competition, Forbes is one of the best business magazines you can subscribe to.

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