How to Use Social Media for Customer Service

How to Use Social Media for Customer Service


Social media networks provide entrepreneurs with a great opportunity to stay in touch with customers and enhance relationships with clients by listening to them and meeting their desires, thus contributing to building brands. While many entrepreneurs are aware of these advantages, they underestimate the importance of social media as a platform to serve customers!

First, you need to learn how to use social media networks properly to help you achieve these benefits. Here follow four tips that help you take advantage of social media to mobilize as many customers as possible.

Feedback and interaction

Social media is primarily about interaction, so customers always expect business representatives to be available and ready to help, so you should always meet their expectations and be available to share, interact, and respond to your customers’ complaints, praise and comments on the company’s products or services.

Thus, you should use social media to make your customers feel connected with the company and allow them to express their thoughts. While you will not be able to respond to all comments, customers will understand this, especially if you regularly respond to their feedback and interact with them.


Asking questions

The best way to obtain customer feedback about your company’s products or services is to ask them; and you will not find a better place to do so than social media networks.

Ask your customers about how they use your products, where they heard about your business, and how you can improve the quality of your products or services (you might be surprised how useful their answers might be).

Keep in mind that people like to leave comments and receive answers, so asking them questions can be the best way to do it. These questions could be regarded as an unofficial survey.

In addition, reading and responding to customer questions will provide you with valuable information about your customers as well as your products.


Be helpful

There is no doubt that your social media pages are an ideal place to post ads and materials related to your brand, products and services, but these platforms should also offer valuable content to your customers.

You’ll notice that your customers respond more positively and interact more effectively when you publish content related to their products or services, rather than constantly delivering ads to them. Remember, people are on social networks to interact and engage in discussions, rather than only see ads. So, try to engage your customers by providing them with important information that meets their needs.


Enhance your presence even when you are offline

People read your Facebook comments and tweets even when you’re offline. So, you should share news on these networks before you disconnect. You can use social media to promote a personal occasion and invite customers to attend, or you can provide customers with a phone number or e-mail address to contact you when they have specific complaints or concerns when they can’t reach you online.

Finally, you should be well aware that while social media is useful, it is not the only tool when it comes to providing a good customer service. In many cases, meeting the customer face-to-face or making a phone call can be more valuable than communicating over the Internet, which also connects you with the real world. It is also a great way to raise awareness of your brand and communicate constantly with your customers to learn about their demands.


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