How to Choose the work team of your new business?

How to Choose the work team of your new business?

Regardless of how attractive your business concept is, you should recognize that the growth, continuity and success of your business activities is mainly dependent on your work team. In other words,  only one unqualified member of your work team may undermine your business structure and significantly affect it.

Therefore, you should be very selective when you choosing your team and seek qualified individuals who are capable of positively impacting your business activities and achieving the desired success.

Experts advise that you follow these five steps when forming your work team:

Identifying positions:

Co-founders are the most important team members; accordingly, before appointing employees, you should agree with your business partners on the decision-making mechanism upon initiating and operating the project and determine the tasks assigned to every individual. A well-structured and operated company from the onset will save you a lot of trouble later.

As soon as you reach an agreement with your business partners, you need to identify the tasks and positions of your work team. These include but are not limited to the positions of senior officers in sales, marketing, programming, account management and project managers directors.

After identifying the positions and jobs, make sure to choose the qualified and skilled individuals to fill such vacancies and to prioritize the recruitment of employees. For instance, it is not logical to appoint five managers in the absence of any programmers in your team!

Also, take into consideration your available funds and what you can afford to pay your employees.

Part-Time Jobs:

Experts suggest entrepreneurs do not have to necessarily assign full-time employees upon launching their business! For example, they may attend an event in their field of expertise or scan pioneering blogs to identify skilled professionals (such as market experts, celebrities, mentors or technical experts), then employ them on a contract basis for a specific period, which also applies for other positions.

On the other hand, experts believe employing qualified people on a part time basis is safer than recruiting full time employees from the onset of the project, who may fail in their job.

On the other hand, and based on experience, experts suggest employing people on a part-time basis to deliver specific tasks in the early stages of a project. This will ensure the recruitment of various talents at the onset of a project, which will reflect positively on the project and its success.

Identifying Candidates:

You should consider the following four factors when recruiting candidates to join your work team:

  1. Seek candidates with sufficient experience in certain fields which other team members lack.
  2. Seek candidates who accept a limited salary or a specific amount upon launching the business.
  3. Seek candidates who admire your work , services and products you provide.
  4. Seek qualified candidates whom you know and trust or who are recommended by someone you know.

If you could recruit individuals with the aforementioned qualifications, you will have a big chance to set up a successful work team.

Recruitment Process:

After you find qualified candidates to fill the required positions, the recruitment process begins with interviews. In this regard, Wall Street Journal provides a small manual you can refer to if it is the first time you are conducting a business interview. Here follow some of the instructions included in the manual:

– Prepare in advance and draft the appropriate questions.

– Prepare questions that cover the following areas: Fact-finding, creative thinking, behavior, and problem solving.

– Prepare an evaluation form.

– Learn about body language.

After interview, investigate the professional background of you prospective employee. If the information checks out, you can appoint such individual. After appointing the employee, test him.

Start with assigning minor tasks to the new employee, then encourage him to execute major tasks. You could check how he is communicating with other team members and his ability to work under pressure and whether he is able to carry the assigned tasks on time.

Post Employment Evaluation

If the candidate passes all tests and becomes a member of your team, you will have to conduct post-employment evaluation. These assessment involve the implementation of specific strategies in the work environment such as training, promotion and career development in order to motivate employees to innovate and exert further efforts.

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