Finance Institutions in the State of Qatar

The State of Qatar offers entrepreneurs and startup owners several financing options that facilitate their access to the required capital to launch their businesses and achieve their goals.

The following list include the top institutions that provide financing in Qatar:


Qatar is home to 6 local banks, 7 foreign banks, and 4 Islamic banks, in addition to QDB , an institution specialized in the financing of small and medium sized enterprises.

For more information on the requirements and facilities of such banks for obtaining different enterprise finance loans, you can visit the websites of such banks on the following links:

Foreign Banks

Islamic Local Banks

Traditional Local Banks

Arab Bank

Barwa Bank

Ahli Bank

Mashreq Bank


Alkhaliji Bank

HSBC Bank Middle East


Commercial Bank

Bank Saderat Iran

Masraf Al Rayan

Doha Bank

The United Bank



Standard Chartered Bank



BNP Baribas




Ithmar Program (Angel Investment)

In January 2017, QDB initiated Ithmar, the first program of its kind in the State of Qatar. The program mainly aims at supporting and encouraging entrepreneurs to transform their innovative ideas into real businesses, providing the necessary funding for startups. Through this program, the bank bears the risks on behalf of entrepreneurs,  providing up to QAR 1.000.000 in financing for each startup based on the project valuation. All Qatari entrepreneurs can submit their ideas on the bank’s website or by applying at the bank’s investment department.

Al Dhameen Service

Al Dhameen is an indirect lending program initiated by QDB. The program aims at helping small and medium enterprises to secure financing from banks, even if such companies lack collateral or financial statements.


Which entities are targeted by this program?

– Startups (companies which started their activities 3 years ago).

– Existing companies with an annual capital cycle of no less than QAR 40.000.000.

– Companies with headquarters, main offices and operations based in Qatar.


The following companies/ sectors do not qualify for this program:

Non-profit organizations

The following sectors:

Agriculture, fisheries and livestock

Non-petroleum mining and quarries

Retail and wholesale

Financial and insurance activities

Real estate activities


What are the financing terms for Al Dhameen Program?

– Maximum interest rate of 7%

– of the settlement period for loans aimed at capital expenditures extends up to 5 years, including a one-year year grace period.

– Loans are to be settled on a monthly or quarterly basis.

– Loans are transferred through telegraphic transfer, LCs… etc. Such settlement is not to be directly debited to debtor’s account.

How can the program be implemented?


– Small and medium enterprises shall submit an application to the partner bank at Al Dhameen Program in order to obtain credit facilities. Such partner banks include traditional banks and Sharia-compliant banks committed.

– The partner bank checks if the owner of the small and medium enterprises is eligible for the loan in accordance with indirect loans standards and conduct a due diligence analysis.

– The bank grants conditional approval for credit facilities and requests a guarantee from QDB to cover part of the total loan.

QDB provides the following guarantees:

Start-ups – up to 85% of the loan value.

Existing companies – up to 75% of the loan value.


Conditions of loan applicant:

– To contribute 19% of the project cost, as being of property rights.

– Payment of administrative fees to the disbursing bank.

– Fulfilling collateral requirements such as assets mortgage and joint guarantee by business owners.

– Providing the required documents for the bank, such as commercial registry and statute of the company.


Partner Banks or Financial Institutions with QDB at Al Dhameen Program:

Ahli Bank

Al Jazeera Finance

Al khaliji Bank

Barwa Bank

Commercial Bank

Doha Bank

First Finance


Mashreq Bank

Qatar Finance House




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