Safety and vocational health in Qatari labor law

Safety and vocational health in Qatari labor law

Part 10

Safety, vocational health and social care


Article 99

The employer or his representative shall on the commencement of every worker’s engagement inform him of the hazards of the work and the hazards which may occur thereafter and shall inform him of the safety measures to be taken for the protection therefrom and shall post up in a conspicuous place his detailed instructions concerning the means of observing vocational health and safety for protecting the workers from the hazards to which they are exposed during performance of their work.

Article 100

The employer shall take all precautionary measures for protecting the workers during the work from any injury or disease that may result from the work performed in his establishment or from any accident, defect or breakdown in the machinery and equipment therein or from fire.

The employer may not burden the worker with or deduct from his wage any sum in return for his providing these precautionary means.

The Department shall in case of the employer omitting to take the precautionary measures referred to or in case of imminent dangers threatening the health or safety of the workers report the matter to the Minister for issuing a decision for the partial or total closure of the place of work or stoppage of one or more machines from work pending the elimination of the causes of the danger. In such case the employer shall undertake to pay the wages of the workers in full during the period of closure or suspension.

Article 101

The worker shall not commit any action or omission with the intention of hampering the execution of the instructions of the employer concerning the conservation of the health of the workers or securing their safety or with the intention of damaging or breaking down of any appliances or equipment prepared for this purpose.

The worker shall use the protection devices and the uniform prepared as provided to him by the employer and shall obey all instructions of the employer aiming at protecting the worker from injuries and diseases.

Article 102

The Minister shall after coordination with the competent authority issue the necessary decisions for regulating the appliances concerning the vocational health and safety in the establishments and specifying and regulating the services and precautionary measures that are necessary for protecting the workers during the work from the dangers of the work and equipment and means and levels thereof and for the regulation of the means of protection from the vocational diseases.

Article 103

The employer shall take the measures capable of securing the hygiene and good ventilation in the places of work and shall provide it with the suitable lighting and potable water, hygiene and drainage, in accordance with the regulations and decisions to be issued by the competent authorities in this respect.

Article 104

The employer employing a number of workers ranging from five to twenty-five shall prepare for them a first aid box furnished with the medicines tools and equipment to be specified by the competent medical authority. The box shall be kept in a conspicuous place in the establishment and shall be available to the workers. The use of the box shall be entrusted to a worker trained in providing first-aid medical services.

If the number of the workers exceeds twenty-five workers a box shall be specified for every group of workers ranging from five to twenty-five workers.

It the number of the workers in the establishment exceeds hundred workers the employer shall appoint a full-time medical nurse in the established in addition to the first-aid box.

If the number of the workers exceeds five hundred workers, the employer shall designate to them a clinic employing at least a physician and a nurse.

Article 105

The periodical medical check-ups shall be carried out on the workers exposed to the dangers of infliction with the vocational diseases in all activities of the work at intervals appropriate to the hazards involved in the work in accordance with the measures to be specified by the competent authorities specifying the types of such check-ups and the intervals in which they shall be carried out.

The employer shall keep the results of these check-ups in the files concerning the workers.

If the results of the check-up show the infliction of the worker with one of the occupational diseases the employer shall notify the Department thereof within three days from the date of his knowing the result of the check-up.

Article 106

The employers employing workers in locations distant from the cities and to which the usual means of transportation are not available shall provide them with the following services:­

Suitable means of transportation or suitable accommodation or both.

Potable water

Suitable foodstuff or the means of obtaining thereof.

The said locations shall be specified by a Decision of the Minister.

Article 107

The employer employing fifty workers or more shall provide- them with the social services to be specified by a Decision of the Minister_ taking into consideration the location of the work, the circumstances thereof and the number of the workers in the establishment.

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