Second Step: Logo Design Test

Second Step: Logo Design Test

Creating Multiple Designs

At first, you may want to experiment with the design of your logo. Hence, draw multiple logos on paper to identify the best one.

– Bad designs could inspire you to introduce new elements to future logos.

Sketch the real design

It is preferable to always keep a pencil during the first stages of designing your logo. Sketches are the quickest and easiest way to convert ideas into paper so you can better evaluate the design.

– Do not erase sketches since design is not a process of elimination. Keep all sketches including the ones you dislike because these may inspire you or provide you with a valuable idea.

-Leading design companies draw tens of logo sketches  before using a software to design a logo, so do not despair and continue drawing until you reach your goal.

Collect feedback on your design

When you decide on a logo that you believe will achieve success, do not rush before collecting comments and feedbacks.

Receiving feedback from the target market

Show your designs to a group of people whom you believe represent your target customers.  You can show them a variety of designs or the design that you believe best represents your business.

– Ask them questions to obtain their feedback on the logo. You could ask them whether the logo is boring or stimulating? Repulsive or attractive? Common or unique? You also have to check which message the logo conveys, whether it is easy to identify, and whether it is consistent with how people identify your company or products.

Do not solely rely on the opinion of family and friends

While you may seek feedback from your close circle of friends and family, their feedback will not necessarily reflect what you are looking.

– You can check with your family and friends whether your logo is easy to remember. Ask them to contemplate the logo for a few minutes and then to sketch it. If they manage to draw most of the logo, then it is easy to remember.

Make sure your logo is scalable

– You should consider the different uses of your logo such as in newspaper advertisements pr on signs and websites. Your logo should be appropriate and ready for all uses.

– If your logo features small details or very thin lines, such elements may be lost or hard to identify if the logo is printed in small size.

– You can use a graphic design software such as Adobe Illustrator or Inkspace to test the different sizes of your logo.

– If you are first sketching your logo, you can draw different sizes of the design to evaluate your logo.


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