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Choosing the best name for your business 

Choosing the name of a company is one of the key issues to consider when establishing a business. It is also one of the first decisions you should make, so it is best to conduct the necessary research and to plan well to choose the best name. 

The following guideline will help you choose the right name based on expert advice in this field. Always remember that some deliberations could save you a significant amount of time and money that could be wasted in vain.


The importance of choosing the appropriate name

Choosing a name is important and decisive because of the following factors:

The name is the point of contact: The name of a company is the first element that a purchaser observe. As a result, the name can be considered of more importance than sales or even the final product provided by the company.

The name makes the first impression: you may come up with the best business concept, but if people are searching elsewhere, because your “competitors” have glamorous and more attractive names, then customers will never know your company. Hence, the solution lies in choosing the best name to make a strong first impression.

Accordingly, it is essential to choose the ideal name for your business. Perhaps the most important issue is to recognize that successful companies in the business world do not only have strong and attractive names, but also develop a strong identity for their trademarks.


Experts’ opinion in choosing the trade name.

Experts indicate that the creation of a strong trademark is essential when establishing a business. In addition, expert note that a trademark is more than just an unforgettable and distinguished logo, but also a distinguished and attractive name that people will always remember . This name can also be depicted with visual strength. Therefore, experts advise in the initial stages to focus on choosing a simple and observable name that reflects the products and services delivered by the company.

Following are the most significant points experts advise to take into consideration when choosing the name of a company:

  • To enjoy repeating it many times. Remember that you will be hearing the name you choose dozens of times in a day, and people will associate you with the name. Therefore, the name should be interesting to you. If the name is too complex, then a problem will occur.
  • To enjoy hearing it from the others. Make sure you like the way it sounds when others say it. If it is difficult to pronounce, you will hear a lot of people using it wrongly, making it hard for other people to learn the name correctly. Accordingly, your trademark will be less recognized.
  • To enjoy looking at it. This includes the font used in writing the name and the how the logo is read. Hence, you have to make sure that you like the name before designing the logo.


Choosing the trade name: do’s and don’ts

Avoid personal touches

Many people like to include their first or last name when they choose a trade name for their business. However, experts do not recommend doing so. They suggest avoiding personalizing the business, because a personal name will unlikely influence people’s opinion unless the link is strongly associated with the trademark. Accordingly, if you want to strongly develop your trademark, you will have to choose an independent and unrelated name .   


The best and most dependable way to achieve localization is by associating your company name with the region where you will be managing your business. Customers are strongly engaged with this type of companies, which reflect an amicable model for customers.

Do not be boring and choose glamorous and attractive names

Avoid choosing boring names and be sure to choose upbeat and original names that reflect the products and services delivered by the company. Always remember that you should engage your customers using a remarkable name that can be distinguished among hundreds of competitors without jeopardizing confidence in your business.

Make a short list of names

Make a short list of the most important names you came up with after brainstorming. Limit the list to about 10-20 names. Make sure that the chosen names will be valid for use even if the market undergoes certain changes. The name should also be suitable if the company decides to expand its geographic reach, or cope with dominating trends among other changes. Hence, you should choose a trade name that will remain valid under changing circumstances because you cannot predict market, consumer and competitor trends over the next several years.

Choose a name that reflects the services delivered by your company

Avoid generic names, because they will not help your customers distinguish your products and service. For example, “Sarah” could refer to a myriad of businesses. However, “Sarah Beauty Center” gives a clear description of the service offered to customers. However, avoid very detailed descriptive names that could affect and hinder the success of a trademark if the company decides to expand its products in the future.

Make sure the name is unique

You can make sure that the name is unique by searching for business names in in the region or the country where you want to establish your business. You can also use the trademark search tool on the internet to know whether the name is available in all countries. This tool will enable you to know if any other person has registered, obtained or even waived the same name.


Are there any prohibited trade names?

  • You can not use deceptive names that may confuse customers if another company exercising the same activity exists. The proposed name of the company will be rejected if it is already used by an existing company. Note that words and symbols such as @, “uk”, etc. shall be ignored when considering if the proposed name is already used by an existing company.
  • You can not use some words if you do not have reasonable grounds for it. For example, if you want to use words such as “International” or “Universal”, you should have reasonable grounds for doing so.
  • You are not allowed to use words such as “Eng” or “Vet” except if you are qualified to do so.
  • Merchants who own an individual business or partnership companies are not allowed to use the word “limited” or “LTD”, unlike companies or institutions, which are usually requested to include this word at the end of their trade names.

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