Close Your Business

To shut down a company, you must initiate a commercial registry write-off.

The following requirements must first be met:

  1. Filling in the commercial registration services form signed by the authorized signatory. (Click here to download the form)
  2. A collective acknowledgment signed by partners
  3. A letter from the Chairman, Vice President or Managing Director in the case of joint stock companies
  4. The approval of the Companies Control Department on the required write-off
  5. The competent authorities responsible for commercial activities shall provide their approval if applicable
  6. The record shall be under liquidation in case it is the main record of a company
  7. Final account of liquidator, and the completion of liquidation
  8. Approval of the tax department at the Ministry of Finance in case of a non-Qatari partner
  9. Proof of identity of the partners, applicant or passport for non-Qataris


After meeting the requirements, it is possible to submit the application manually at the ministry’s main building in Lusail city or one of the branches of the ministry at government service centers. Alternatively, you can submit the application electronically through the electronic services website:







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