Inspiring places to mull your business concept

If you are considering a new business project, and have started brainstorming but you have yet to come up with a business idea, you should change your way of thinking and searching for different sources of inspiration.

The following places can inspire you or can help you check whether your business concept is legal and feasible if you have already decided on one.

Social Media:

Social media represents a platform for people seeking to exchange ideas and express concerns related to their daily life. Often, what people share on such networks may seem  inappropriate, but could inspire you in your search for a business concept. You could search phrases such as: “why is this concept unavailable?”, “I hope there is …” and other phrases that may provide you with a business idea by providing a solution to submitted complaints.

Web Browsing:

Like social media, people also like to share feedback on websites such as Amazon and Google regarding products they have purchased and places they have visited. Whereas most consumers read negative comments to decide on whether to purchase a product, you can go through such comments and note them down. Remember that what may represent a loss for a company may represent profit for you.

Identify people’s complaints, write them down and consider a business that could address these problems.

Search Engine:

You may have used a search engine before to find a specific product but did not find any results. In this case, you have three main options; searching for a product with similar specifications. Completely abandon the product or to try making it yourself. In case you are one of those who believe they can make it and are quite good at doing so, you can turn this opportunity into a profitable business.

Check online forums in order to know whether other people are searching for the same product. If this is the case, you could open an online store to sell such products. This  may also be profitable upon incorporation a business that offers specialized services.


You may search at home or in your surroundings and note problems related to cleaning, and other services; problems that others could be also facing. This could inspire you to launch a home business to manage household duties that may take a long time.

Area of Residence:

People living in or near your area or residence are considered a significant inspiration source when it comes to business concepts. Your starting point is considering the demographics of your area. If it is home to a high percentage of working fathers and mothers, this may inspire you to establish nurseries which will be in high demand. Areas with a high percentage of older people could inspire you to launch a business for providing home-based healthcare services.

Work Environment:

If you are seeking a part-time business, you can ask your co-workers about the type of services or products they need in their daily life. They could be looking for an accountant or financial advisor, or want to enroll their children in art and music classes at reasonable prices. Such short conversation may inspire you to start a business.

Children Schools or Nurseries:

If you are married and have children, you are well aware that any product or service that can help your child is worth paying for. Accordingly, you may consider missing services in demand. When you accompany your children to school, ask other parents if they have the same feeling and note services in demand. If you do not have children, you could ask family members or friends who have children what services they are looking for. Then, you launch a business that provide these missing services.

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